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Цитата (Stormhell)
Canon Conflicts

Earlier editions of the Flesh Tearers' history states that they spent thousands of years as a Crusading Chapter after their formation and that it was a Chapter Master named Amit who finally settled the chapter on the world of Cretacia.[2]

However, Amit appears as a Captain of the Blood Angels Legion in the Horus Heresy series. Amit has a vicious and savage reputation, even by the standards of the World Eaters and his oath brother, Kharn. Indeed it was during his frequent fights in the World Eaters gladiatorial pits that Amit earned his nickname the "Flesh Tearer".

During the Blood Angels assault in the Signus system, Captain Amit of the Blood Angels served as captain of his personal battle barge, the Victus. This battle barge would later find service in the Flesh Tearers as their only known battle barge, and is rumored to have been in their possession since the Heresy and their founding. It is unknown if this is a coincidence or if there is a connection

А где там дата??

Добавлено (2013-03-25, 9:25:14)
В Лексикануме вроде даты не нашел, но как уже говорил в ваха-вики есть это:
"Zurcon Massacres (Unknown Date.M36) - The Flesh Tearers travelled throughout the galaxy during their initial Crusade, prior to their settlement of Cretacia."
То есть уже 6 тыс))

Добавлено (2013-03-25, 9:26:40)
Блин, написано что Амита даже Кхарн маньяком считал...)))

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Форум » Расы во вселенной Warhammer 40,000 » Космодесант » Расчленители (Дочерний орден Кровавых Ангелов)
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